About TSB

The Scouting Bureau was created to share relevant hockey news with fans of all levels of hockey.  Articles published are the works of myself, Brendan Ross, and range from prospect profiles to fantasy hockey tips.  Hockey has been my passion for as long as I can remember and my goal is to establish myself (in some capacity) within the hockey writing community.  The website will feature three specific areas that I feel my knowledge is strong enough to assist you in your daily hockey endeavors.

1. Fantasy Hockey:

On the TSB site you will find plenty of fantasy articles written to help you identify weaknesses in your own leagues.  Be sure to follow the DY Trends series as it strives to identify re-occurring trends within different fantasy leagues (roto, points-only, H2H, dynasty, etc. ) in hopes of providing you with an advantage.  I have been involved in fantasy hockey for the past 10 years in both competitive and free leagues.  Furthermore, you can check out my work over at the DobberHockey Forum boards to see how I have helped others improve their fantasy hockey strategies.  Don’t be afraid to contact me via Twitter for fantasy related questions

2. OHL/CHL Focused:

Over the past 12 months, I have endulged myself into the Ontario Hockey League following its teams and players religiously.  The junior hockey circuit oozes with talented players and by following the OHL world I am better able to understand the development of junior hockey players.  Check the OHL Section for links and news to all things related to this fantastic league.

3. Scouting Endeavours (main goal):

As the website name indicates scouting will be one of the main focuses of TSB.  The Scouting Bureau’s main mission is to provide hockey fans with information about prospects who could (one day) become the future stars of the NHL.  Through player analysis and profiling, I hope to develop my scouting skills and work towards my ultimate goal of becoming an NHL scout. 


The Scouting Bureau is a free resource dedicated to the fans of hockey and the players featured within the confines of this website.  Enjoy


Follow TSB on Twitter:  @rossyyoungblood

You can also read more of my work over at The Hockey Writers

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