Youngblood Special Edition: 2014 World Junior Championship

WJC Rink

The most wonderful time of the year is mere hours from commencing as the world’s best junior-aged hockey prospects prepare for the 2014 IIHF Under-20 World Junior Hockey Championship,

The Holiday Season is filled with an enchanting atmosphere as children, both young and old, eagerly await the arrival of Christmas. Truth be told, Old Saint Nick may be the root cause of that enchanting feeling experienced by our children but it would be wrong not to credit some of that feel-good anticipation (for us adult hockey fans anyways) to the World Junior Championships. For real, we wait for months to show our national pride and it’s the WJC stage that lifts our emotions to heights that few things can. Sure, it helps that the world tournament takes place during the holiday season where family and friends can convene and cheer on their nations but, just like Old Saint Nick, the World Junior tournament creates a surreal atmosphere filled with hope that is placed in the hands of 22 young kids as they attempt to satisfy a country’s belief of achieving the impossible. For the purposes of the WJC, that impossible belief is winning gold – a task that has proven to be very difficult…even for a hockey driven country like Canada.

Without further ado, Youngblood Hockey courtesy of Brendan Ross (@RossyYoungblood) presents it’s WJC fans with a complete guide to familiarize yourself with the players and nations competing at the 2014 U20 World Junior Hockey Championship.

Free Download: Youngblood 2014 WJC Special Edition


Thanks for Reading,

Brendan Ross


  1. December 26, 2013 at 9:03 am

    Excellent analysis of the upcoming WJC Brendan. Sitting here watching Canada vs Germany, 6-2 end of the 2nd. Looks like it will be a competitive tourney esp. SWE, CAN, RUS & USA. Go Canucks!

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