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Youngblood Prospect Journal Revealed

As promised via Twitter, I have developed an exciting new project to be featured throughout the 2013-14 hockey season. Youngblood is a hockey prospect focused journal that will follow relevant news throughout the season. Specifically, Youngblood will be a one-stop place to follow your Ontario Hockey League news as I travel rinks across Ontario and Northern USA scouting the future of the greatest game on earth – hockey!



Kingston Frontenacs’ Lawson Crouse drafted out of the Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs program. (Photo: Brendan Ross, The Scouting Bureau)

In the September Edition of Youngblood, my 2014 NHL Entry Draft Pre-Season Rankings are revealed and all prospects ranked in the opening round are profiled. Furthermore, there are several mini-feature articles on OHL stories and I have passed on my personal thoughts on some minor midget players who are entering their OHL Draft years.

I encourage the readers to post your thoughts and/or recommendations on the new publication.

Download Youngblood September Edition here: Youngblood

Thanks for reading,

Brendan Ross


  1. Trevor
    October 14, 2013 at 11:09 am

    This publication is and looks very professional. The layout is crisp and it’s packed with useful information. It’s arguably much better than anything the CHL puts out that’s for sure.

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